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Anti-hail net for vineyards

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Nets used to protect crops from damage caused by hail. Entirely made of virgin polyethylene monofilament, stabilized against UV rays. They are mainly used for covering vineyards The nets can be of two types: Warp-knit (Raschel) or Leno, both types are very resistant.

– from hail
– from birds
– from animals
– from sunburn

Nets available in leno weave and warp-knit weave, the latter (art. Salvigna) is the most suitable for use in vineyards as it does not unravel when lifting the net itself.
We also have a shading net that significantly reduces summer sunburn, especially on the most sensitive skin. Supplied in black color. The costs are extremely affordable.
Accessories for fixing the nets are also available. Installation is simple and quick, requiring no specialized personnel.

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FEATURES: See table


Weight 50 gr/m2 Mesh dimension: 5 x 7 mm.


Weight 80/100 gr/m2

Rete a giro inglese Maglia Foro mm Peso (gr/m2)
4×7 45
3×7 48
Colore: nero

Rete raschel, indemagliabile Cod. art. Peso rete (gr/m2) Largh. maglie (mm) Altezza rete (m) Lungh. rotoli (m) Misure teli Colori
Rete Antigrandine Tipo
530/S 50 5×7 1 – 1,25 500 Nero

Antihail net “English row” Mesh mm  Weight (gr/m2)
   4×7  45
   3×7  48
   Color: black