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Retifico Padano

Retificio padano

Nets since 1980

The Retificio Padano of Ospitaletto – Brescia, has developed, after approximately 40 years of experience and improvement, a complete series of high density polyethylene monofilament nets (produced by us), to satisfy any need and sector.
From nets for the agricultural sector (for the harvesting of olives, walnuts, almonds and deciduous fruit) harvesting nets for organic products, nets to protect, delay or anticipate fruit harvesting, anti-hail nets for orchards and vineyards, anti-frost, anti-insects , anti-birds, windbreaks and shading.
Throughout this range, the excellent quality of the materials used stands out, which allows us to ensure a long life.
All our nets are non-toxic and suitable for contact with food, they are technologically cutting-edge and produced 100% in Italy.
We work to offer a precise and punctual service supported by qualified staff and an assortment capable of satisfying the requests of the most technical and demanding customers. 



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The nets woven in the Ospitaletto factory are entirely made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) monofilament.
The monofilament is obtained by extruding polyethylene granules inside the RETIFICIO PADANO, guaranteeing complete control of the quality of the product.
The high-density polyethylene monofilament thus created is the ideal raw material for producing nets that are particularly resistant to atmospheric agents.
The polyethylene granular, in fact, appropriately mixed with anti-oxidant additives, guarantees excellent resistance to wear caused by ultraviolet rays.

Retificio Padano in 1980

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