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Olive falling fruit harvesting net

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Olive falling fruit harvesting net

Our nets are made in polyethylene (HDPE) monofilament stabilized against ultraviolet rays, we only use virgin raw materials which are free of any harmful substances. Various types of meshes are available in order to optimize the collection of different types of fruit. Particularly suitable for the collection of olives, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, Haselnüsse and other fruits. The nets can also be used for manual or automated collection. They are available in various weights and colors and can be supplied in rolls or in sheets already sewn of the required dimensions, with or without central slit. ALL OUR NETS ARE NON-TOXIC, SUITABLE FOR CONTACT WITH FOOD ACCORDING TO EU REGULATIONS. IDEAL FOR BIO CULTIVATIONS. 100% MADE IN ITALY.



Produced with HDPE virgin material UV stabilized – Long life For Food : non-toxic, responsive to current European legislation on packaging for food. 100% Made in ITALY

95gr in green or gold colour

PUGLISI NET Art. 522/P and Art 522/L It is a net with thick meshes useful mostly in case of mechanised harvesting of olives and fruits.
The net, in fact, permits the passage of mechanised tree shakers or vibrators. These two types of nets are printed on one edge with the inscription:
“MADE IN ITALY-PER ALIMENTI”, to avoid any counterfeiting.
Δίχτυα συγκομιδής
– Ελαιόδιχτα για ραβδιστές ελιές
– Δίχυτα για συλλογή καρπών
– Ελαιόδιχτα μόνιμης στρώσης.
– Haselnussernte.


It is a net with wide meshes useful mostly in case of naturally-falling harvesting of olives and fruits. Net made with two yarns in weft.

Art. 507/DF 


MULTIPLE NET - Art. 530 Net made with two yarns in weft, in polyethylene monofilament to permit a greater breaking resistance. Generally used for naturally-falling harvesting.


SQUARE-NET - Art. 513
Square mesh net, it has a high resistance as it is manufactured of 3 monofilament polyethylene yarns. Generally used in the mechanised or hand harvesting.


IBERICA-NET - Art. 519
This net is very resistant with very dense meshes; English leno weaving. They are particularly suitable on flat terrain, being light and slippery, they facilitate dragging on the ground.


We also have nails and forks for fixing the nets on the ground.

Description Prod. code Net weight (gr/m2)
Mesh size (mm)
Net width (m)
Roll Length (m)
Sheet measures
Calabrese Net DF 507/DF 33 6×9 3,4,5,6 333,250,200,166 = 1.000 m2 Green Orange
Multiple net 530 45 5×7 3,4,5,6 100 On demand Green Black
Square-net 513 60 5×5 3,4,5,6 100 On demand Green
Puglisi Net / L 522/L 80 3,4,5,6 100 On demand Green
Puglisi Net / P 522/P 95 3,4,5,6 100 On demand Green
Rete Iberica G.I 519 85 4x2,5 4,5 85 On demand Black